When you think of the Hiring Process, who first comes to mind? The boss? The new hire? Human Resources? All of these people should be involved, but don’t forget about keeping the team up-to-date when conducting interviews. Keep reading for a few tips on how to include your team on the interview process, as well as a few suggestions for keeping everyone involved happy campers.

The hiring process can be exhausting, both fatiguing potential candidates and your team. Don’t forget – your company’s image is tied to the hiring process, so be sure to make this as simple as possible. To obtain a sense of peace with the process, you’ll need to keep it organized and concise for all involved. 

Start by letting your co-workers know when there will be on-site interviews and that you will be giving potential candidates tours of the facility. And speaking of tours – be sure to give one to every prospective new hire, even if you don’t think you’ll hire them. It’s an appreciative touch that can go a long way, especially if this candidate could be a fit for another role with the company down the road.

Next, be sure that your hiring process isn’t clunky, long, or frustrating – this just tends to eat away at everyone who is involved. Your team needs concrete plans, so be sure to block off a half or full day for interviews for all who need to sit in on the interview as to not disrupt their schedule too much. Be sure to prepare them by giving a printed copy of each candidate’s resume so that they utilize their time in the interview properly and ask informed questions.

Try to keep your number of interviews per candidate low (three, maybe four – max). If you require too many hoops for a candidate to jump through or aren’t respectful of their schedules, it’s unlikely the candidate will recommend your company to friends/people they know. Plus, imagine how many hours you’d spend interviewing several candidates repeatedly. Interview smarter: resume research and phone screenings help respect both the candidate’s and your team’s time. 

In the end, it’s all about respecting everyone in the process. The interview process can be a lengthy one, but if you stay on top of the plan and communicate with all involved, it doesn’t have to be.