“Content builds relationships.

Relationships are built on trust.

Trust drives revenue.”




Upon graduating from UNC Charlotte with a degree in Communication Studies focusing on Public Relations, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Social responsibility had become a passion of mine, and I wanted to work for organizations who were focusing less on profits and more on doing what is right.

So far, my career has been focused on working with nonprofits around Charlotte. As I continue growing and learning, I am looking for a path to lead me down the right road to expanding my passion for social responsibility – both personally and professionally.

I usually get useless paper pamphlets that go directly into the garbage. However, I spent about 15 minutes reading through the SEG Fabric Frames & Displays catalog, even on a busy day like today. I must say this guide is one of the best brand marketing materials I have come across my entire career, truly impressive. Informative, engaging, and most importantly so fun to read.
Purchasing Manager High End Fashion Retailer
A creative thinker who likes to explore alternative solutions to problems and has an open mind about what will work best. She is someone who is consistently growing herself and takes the time to continue learning even when it is not a direct requirement of the job.
Morgan White Marriott
A rare mix of obsessive precision and incredible creativity. She is able to interpret loose direction and turn the final product into a work of art, ahead of the deadline and under budget.


travel, architecture, scenery, and experiences.

I believe that every adventure – whether it seemed like a right or wrong turn at the time – has lead me to be the well-rounded person that I am today. With 10+ years of experience in the service industry and 5+ years in Marketing and Event Planning and Development, I have learned that every person I meet along the way helps to improve both my personal and professional lives.


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