Move over duratrans – there’s a new sheriff in town.

Before I walked into SEG Systems’ office in Charlotte, I thought I knew marketing. But dang, was I wrong. Posters? Banners? Pop-up displays? Vinyl? These ways of branding are on their death beds. SEG Systems’ way of thinking is next generation.

You may be thinking, “There are a million sign companies. What’s so great about them?” Well, let me tell ya! These guys take your brand to the next level using silicone edge graphic frames.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What in the world does that even mean?” Let me break it down for you. Imagine the logo, photos, and graphic design elements you currently use for marketing your business. Now imagine those same elements on a piece of fabric that is finished with a thin silicone strip which acts as a grip when you insert it into a made-to-order aluminum frame. It all starts with the design process – what are you looking for? A standing piece? A hanging frame? Double or single-sided? With this company, the possibilities are endless.

“Okay, so they make cool signs? That’s it?” Not even close. I’m just getting started! Want something more? Want something… WHOA? They’ve got you. SEG Systems will make a customized piece for your brand go from a dream to reality. Check out this display from their latest trade show exhibit – which, by the way, won best in show at GlobalShop in Chicago earlier this year. This company can seriously do it all.

Speaking of doing it all, SEG Systems makes all this happen under one roof – from the initial brainstorming, to the design, to the engineering, lighting, and painting; they are truly a one-stop shop!

As I reflect on my time spent at SEG Systems, I am overwhelmed with ideas and opportunities and can’t wait to see what level this dedicated group of staff takes things to in the future. This company is breaking through the barriers of branding more and more each day.